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A Day of Meetings: Reflection #1

Reflective Journal 30/1/2020

Today I had the module presentation for what my agenda is going to be for this term.

As I want to specialize in stop-motion/2D hybrid I wanted to use this term working under the stop-motion branch so I can really develop those skills.

Discussing this with George (stop-motion tutor) really helped solidify what I wanted to do and what my aims are:

  • focus on pre-production

  • set building

  • puppet's clothing, design and faces (less interested in the armatures)

  • concept art

  • storyboard - potentially a photo storyboard with the made puppets in the set

  • animation tests (to see that my designs work)

I also want to see what my peers do as I am looking to collaborate with other people for my final 3rd year. As such I may also be collaborating with a couple people this term too. Abi is a very strong background artist, who wants to hone her skills this term. I would like to work with her designing backgrounds for a concept piece that I could then make. Anam is looking to focus her attention on puppet making. We are planning to collaborate together as I am more interested in dressing and painting the puppets rather than making the armature. I think it might be a good idea to work with people now, so I can build working relationships with them.

Also had two feedback meetings for the live brief project that I have currently undertaken.

The feedback from the 1st storyboard was that it was too linear and that the beginning was boring and wouldn't grab people's attention in a social media campaign.

Plan of Attack:

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