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The Fisherman


The Fisherman is my latest puppet that I am proud to have made. When I come up with a concept there is always a story behind each character. It is no different for this puppet. I wanted his costume to be able to tell that story. His knitted Scandinavian jumper, given to him as a Christmas present from his grandchildren. His waders, moulded to his body after years of use. His well worn wellies, always reliable. 

This project was part of my last module for my final year at University. As such, I recorded behind the scenes footage of the making of the puppet. I also animated a transition from wire armature to fully-fledged puppet. I wanted to show the range of movement that the armature has and how the puppet reads on screen.


Pride & Prejudice - Elizabeth Bennet and co.

darcy family.png

Concept sketches of the Darcy family

Pride and Prejudice is a source material very dear to my heart. So, for my final year project I wanted to start the process of adapting this piece of fiction for the screen but more importantly for a stop motion project. 

I spent the autumn term of my 3rd year focusing on the realisation of concept puppets that would be an indication for the character design of the project. I decided to make Elizabeth Bennet as a puppet because she is the leading lady and I wanted to focus on making her costume: an accurate representation of a regency dress.  

I had to troubleshoot how to make a regency dress that I could animate. 

My initial plan was to create replacement faces for a pair of puppets but my priority was making the regency costume. So, due to time constraints, I focused my efforts on that instead.

I made 3 maquettes in total before moving on to making the puppet. 2 of Mr Darcy and 1 of Elizabeth. These maquettes were based on my own drawings and designs.

I documented my progress through out the project. I plan on making a behind the scenes video so that everyone can see the process that went into making the maquettes and puppet.


Finished Puppet of Elizabeth Bennet


above: photos of finished puppet

below: turnaround of finished puppet

Concept Audible Advert Storyboard

Shots 1-9.jpg
shot 21.jpg
shot 24.jpg

Above: the animatic of a concept advert that I storyboarded.

I chose this concept because I wanted to show various transitions of an audible listener moving into different story worlds. The concept was for this to be a 2D animated advert targeted towards younger listeners. 

Left: various storyboards of the project

Below: sketches of movement of a shot from the project

dragon sketches.png

Anti Knife Crime Commissioned Project

below: assets that I animated, they are both part of bigger compositions.

As part of an anti knife crime campaign launched by Avon and Somerset Police; myself and a small team made a short film based on the designs and concept from students of Broadoak Academy. I was the director of this campaign as well as storyboard artist, 2d animator, typography and poster illustrator. This project was shown across Bristol on buses, billboards and featured on their anti knife crime campaign website. 

Two puppets farting from sprouts.

The Sprout Explorers

The Sprout Explorers, Motty and Bobby are exploring searching for the gold mine of sprouts. When they find the sprout tree they gorge themselves.


The Sprout Explorers was a group film from my 2nd year at UWE made by myself, Grace Harris, Anna Taylor and Nicholas Hurst. I was the director of this project.


This film was made as part of our pre-school project. My roles included directing, puppet making (the zebra puppet), set building (the tree), animating, sound recording and composite editing. 

My favourite scene to animate was the scene where our two characters fart into space from the amount of sprouts they have eaten. 

This project was challenging at the time because we installed a turn table on our set which none from my group had ever done before. We were really pleased that it worked and that the animation read well on screen. 


Above: Shot that I composited in Adobe After-Effects

Left: Shot that I animated of the characters, Motty and Bobby flying

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